Sunday, September 9, 2018

Israel, Here We Come

Hello Dear Readers

Once in a while, something comes up that just has to be shouted out with an exclamation mark! I am so excited! John and I are on our way to Israel. If we actually survive the flight, we will be there in about 16 hours. I have movies and books and podcasts and magazines and audiobooks and a new neckroll to keep me alive, so survival is, Lord willing, a good probability... especially if I don’t think about how long it’s taking to get there and how sore my rear end is getting.

My goals: Look and experience. Will I be drawn closer to Jesus? Yes Yes Yes. I have high expectations in this department.

We are going with a group so most everything is decided in advance. This causes less fighting... a good idea...

It’s going to be hot. Not warm, hot. In Tiberias, it’s been topping out at 100 degrees. Nice and hot and humid. There are absolutely no hot weather clothes in my closet fit for sweltering.

And... I read “The Source” by Michener as research for this trip. All 910 pages.

And there is so much to see and learn and experience that I’m sure my mind will just explode with it all. It’s Israel. It’s where Jesus walked. He was there.

So this will be life-changing. Bring it on. I’m ready... if I survive this plane flight.

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