Tuesday, August 13, 2013

"Annie" Amens

"Warbucks" and "Annie"
So... This past week, day by day, I've been clearing out "Annie" stuff and saying "Annie" amens. The stage set was torn down within 16 hours of the last curtain close. The props were all loaded into cars and the stinky costumes were washed and 'febreezed' and hauled to the costume barn. All the wacky hand-made pictures the orphans drew during their time off-stage were unpinned and neatly folded away into someone's scrapbook. The last of the stale cookies was tossed. Please... no more red frosting... Stray bobby pins and squished tubes of rouge were stored away for the next round of unsuspecting actors.  Will anyone ever wear that "Annie" wig again?

So many lovely cards lauding the production have made their way to my mailbox. What a delight!

The scripts and orchestra books were all sent back to NY.
Today, I took back a huge box full of undies, socks, tops and pants that were hung on clotheslines in the lobby and in the orphanage set. The Salvation Army Thrift Shop will get all that stuff back in the same condition I got it - kinda whitish and well used, but aired out! Second-hand underwear has now become third-hand underwear!

All the rented scripts and orchestra books were collected and returned to MTI in New York. All the pencil marks were erased.  There were hundreds of marks in my book alone!

What a bunch of fun!

And I know for a fact this production was fun for so many people in our community.  All 5 performances were full - we turned people away for 2 of them. Everyone likes the story line of "Annie!"

And my dear husband came up with an idea to give Marshalltown's "Annie" a lasting value.  At the end of each performance, the adorable orphans lined up at the doors, collecting pocket change for our local Child Abuse Prevention Services.  $3035 was collected!  Once again, I'm so impressed with the generosity of this great town of Marshalltown and the surrounding communities.  Thems big pockets!

Rick, President of Marshalltown Community Theater gave
the big money to Jana, Executive Director of Child Abuse Prevention Services

And boy, oh boy, do I know a bunch of new people!  Each person on stage, in the orchestra pit, back stage, ushering, selling tickets, printing programs, painting set, sewing costumes, digging through the costume barn, climbing up ladders to set lights, combing hair, dabbing mascara, teaching dance moves, moving set and arranging furniture... the list goes on and on. Each precious person, most of them I didn't know before, absolutely did their very best to make this "Annie" the best it could ever be.

Even Disney, the dog, did her best!  She knew that she should be the best "Sandy"in the history of the world - and she was!

"Annie" and "Sandy" - a perfect combo!

The cutest T-Shirt. Ever.

I am so thankful and will be forever thankful!

What a bunch of fun! This experience was right up there with being married and having babies!  Seriously!

Words are totally inadequate to express how I feel. I'm still overwhelmed with the out-pouring of favor from everyone involved and the community... and from my heavenly Father.


I have come to understand Revelation 1:8 a bit better.  It reads:

"I Am the Alpha and Omega," says the Lord God, "Who is, and Who was, and Who is to come, the Almighty."

I know that the Lord God IS.  

He is of the here and now. He so faithfully met my needs with this "Annie" project. 

           When I couldn't sleep for lack of confidence, He was there assuring me He was there. 

               When I wanted to holler and strangle someone, He was there clamping my mouth shut. 

                    When I had absolutely no clue what I was doing, He was there handing out the best ideas. 

                           When everything was loaded with problems, He was there with creative solutions. 

                                Even when people told me it couldn't be done, He was there doing the impossible.

He blesses. He encourages. He makes a way where there is no way. He stimulates creative ideas. He answers prayers. He shines His favor on His children.  

He did all of this for me and He will do it for you.

He IS, He WAS, and ALWAYS WILL BE the Lord God Almighty.

Our "FDR"was magnificent!
What a cast!

Directed by Janet Collison (with a ton of help)... Amen...