Thursday, January 16, 2020

A Well-Traveled Gem

I was very surprised a few days ago by an email sent to me from Kathy who lives in Molalla, Oregon.                

I didn't know Kathy at all.

And she didn't know me.

She said, "I picked up this uniquely and brightly painted burl wood bowl at a Thrift Shop. The bottom has handwritten on it"
                                    Marshalltown, Iowa 1995 JC

She knew someone who knew someone in Marshalltown who posted on the Facebook site "You Know You Are From Marshalltown " asking if anyone knew a JC from Marshalltown who painted this bowl.

Of course, one of my friends knew I had gone through a painting phase a long time ago and suggested Kathy contact me.

Kathy emailed me a few days ago, asking me if I painted the bowl, and, of course, yes! I did! I went through a phase when the kids were young when I painted anything that stood still: bowls, tables, sculptures, eyeglasses, lamps, glass plates... pretty much anything I could get paint to stick to... probably over 200 pieces or so. I just assumed it landed in the junk yard; in fact, I have not thought about all that painted stuff for years.

Kathy and I emailed back and forth a bit, telling each other about ourselves. I told her I was a harpist now that had recently taken on weaving (another story for another day) and that I didn't paint anymore as I was busy with other creative endeavors. And Kathy told me she recently completed months of chemo for a slow growing lymphoma. She said she is excellent now and her prognosis is, too.

She said, "Even though the small stuff has always meant a great deal to me it does now more than ever. I think this is why I felt compelled to find the painter of the bowl. I sure will enjoy the bowl and the little story that goes along with it; a well-traveled little gem. Thanks for this little, unintended unexpected gift."

Oh my!!! What a gift to me! She liked what I painted!

                                    I have questions:

1. How did the bowl get to Oregon?

2. Who has had it and why didn't they just throw it away?

                                   but frankly, the real question is:

What else have I put out there?

       Has my output been joyful? 
                                               Holy Spirit inspired?
                                                                                                          Loving and compassionate?

                               Have I been putting out gems or items destined for the junk yard?

HELP, Heavenly Father. 
            May I be guided by You to say, think, and do the right thing that brings glory to You. 
                                                                                                                      Gems... all gems... for You.