Saturday, December 4, 2010

Foreign toilets...

So... my dear husband John and I have been on a cruise!  On Nov. 10th, we flew  to Venice, Italy and boarded a cruise boat for a quick tour of the Mediterranean.  We learned some things along the way and I have a lot of fodder for posts as you will see.

Perhaps one of the most difficult parts of traveling is the toilet factor.  It's not that I'm real particular about toilets, it's just that each situation ends up a soul-searching, mind-boggling episode.  The toilets on the cruise boat are nearly dangerous in their tremendous sucking action and the European toilets left me guessing every time... By the end of the trip, I missed my lovely toilet at home (it has roses painted on it) 

For example, the doors are different.  Often times you walk through a door and then go into an unmarked roomette that shares a sink.  Hidden pocket doors are common and several times I was left pants-down and doorless, praying that I would not become some child's first glance at a female body.  Lights are not always on switches but rather respond to movement.  John found this to be an issue after taking a bit too much time...  he was left waving his arms about in the wide open... and I do mean wide open.  One time, he got stuck behind a motion detecting glass door that was slow to open.  Several tables full of onlookers got a good show of an American searching about for a door handle when there was none; a youtube classic.   And there were toilets that opened with a coin and toilets with hidden flushing buttons and toilets guarded by a uniform with the universal palm up sign.  And then there were the challenges of door locks and water faucets and non-existant toilet paper...  One toilet left us 'high-fiving' and 'chest bumping' all the way back to the boat!  I accomplished the perfect gymnast's aim and squat pose necessary for the turkish potties - a 3  inch diameter recepticle in the ground... that's it!  (How do old people do this??)

So where am I going with all this toilet talk? Absolutely nowhere...  The whole trip was so interesting - even the toilets!  There is so much to see and experience.  Everyone is so different.  If you can scrape together the time and money to go to a different place, do it.  See this world that is so wildly diverse from what is normal to you and me.  Go see someone else's normal.  And then appreciate how vast and creative our Heavenly Father's heart is to have designed and accomplished it all.  How great is our God!


p.s.  And how about those bidets????

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