Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Car loads of stuff!

So... how did I get so much stuff?  That is the question!

What is there to do when the weather is so cold and there's not a fly-away vacation in sight?  Well, we here in the Midwest do not usually take on drinking... and I certainly am not going to go overboard on exercising... and there is a limit as to how much baking I should do... and I get stiff from reading novels on the kindle... So... I am doing the ultimate winter stuck-in-the-house activity:  I'm cleaning out closets!  Not just the ordinary closets that I use every day; I've been working on the hidden ones, the ones down under, the ones that can go for years without perusal.  The ones that if I slam the doors quickly enough, the doors will close.

So... what have I found?  Many many many forgotten craft items.  I am set to be the most imaginativegrandma in the world!  Glue guns!  Glitter!  Snippets of lace!  Stencils!  Star ice cube makers!  Beads!  Little tiny beach shoes!  Calligraphy pens!  Leather patches!  Fabric dye!  Snorkel masks!  Statues of dentists!  Candles!  Used flower foam!  Paper lanterns!  Spirograph wheels!  And of course, rectal thermometers! I also found enough quart jars to can enough products to last an entire winter.  Bring on a nuclear blackout!  Why do I have all this stuff?

So...  I put all this odd stuff into my car and drove to the local salvation army store.  They will take anything!  It took several car loads to get everything there and now, my weird unused stuff is alongside your weird unused stuff. 

Help me, Lord, to stop buying weird stuff - that I don't need, that is.  And help me, Lord, to stop buying weird stuff for my friends and family.  Teach me how to spend money and be generous in a wise fashion.  And help me to look at odd stuff with a clear eye and find a good home for it.

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