Saturday, March 12, 2011

That's my Boy!

So...  Another interesting thing has happened around here!  John and I returned from an evening social frolic and was greeted at the door by our son looking fairly sheepish.  Our son, Jack has been gone on a 6 month YWAM (Youth With a Mission) trip.  He has been in Mexico evangelising on the street with a group of 15 like-minded young people.   He has an exceptionally strong faith and is totally committed to God... and he is 18... and therefore makes 18-year-old decisions on a daily basis.  Jack is now home and on this particular evening he experienced a 'teaching moment'; he got stopped for LOUD MUSIC.  And he received a ticket.  And a rather large fine.  So when we got home that evening, he quickly told us and dreaded our reaction.

Jack drives a small white convertible cabrio VW.  It's pretty old but in good condition.  My husband really enjoys messing with cars and augmenting them with extras and of course had a joy ride with Jack's car's sound system.  The cabrio already had  6 speakers when we bought it but that was not enough; 3 more speakers were needed with names like sub woofers and tweeters.  And then, of course, if you are going to get the maximum effect from all these woofers and tweeters, the volume has to be turned up... a lot...  This creates a shaking of our house when Jack arrives home.  No one needs to see him to know he's home, we can feel his presence.  Evidently, Jack drove past a cop car that also felt his presence and lights!... action!... ticket!... for loud music... that is, loud Christian music.

What was our reaction?  John and I acted stern, but on the inside we were doing that swagger thing and high-fiving, "That's my boy!"  I understand that loud music is hard on the ears; that it's distracting; that it prevents hearing car horns and other such noises.  But it was LOUD CHRISTIAN MUSIC!  He was worshiping!  Praising God!  He was having a 'joyful noise' moment!   It was really hard to come down on him when I've been known to turn up the decibels myself - that's the way I like it.  And actually, it was John's idea to install the woofers and tweeters that shake the universe.  Yes, it was his ticket, but it was ours, too.

I paid the $127.50 fine (this time, only) and multiple warnings have been established about other tickets.  Turn down the volume when driving, be responsible... but don't you dare turn down the volume of your heart!  Kick up the passion and joy!  Worship at all times and in all places!  The volume of the heart needs to stay loud and earth-shaking so others can feel it, experience it and see the effects of 'make a joyful noise unto the Lord.'


  1. this was a wonderful story, Janet...thanks for sharing!

  2. We actually saw this take place and my husband John and I really wasn't Jack he was pulling over was it? Low and behold it was (after talking with Janet) Praise God and go for it Jack!

  3. Good job, parents!! It was great that Jack "confessed" so readily and your reaction couldn't have been better. God bless your family!

  4. I agree Janet...Jack was making a joyful noise! I'd be high-fiving if he were my son, too. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Dear Janet,
    I love it. I only worry about his hearing with that volume, but his selection of music..... rocks. After witnessing his faith walk during the Perspectives class, I am in total agreement that he has an exceptional faith and it is to be admired and nurtured. I hope he loved Bill's visit. We are thinking of taking a group to Metro this year. I would love to do a work crew, but we probably need to look at that for 2012 due to this late date, but we sure could do the Christmas stocking weekend. Would he be interested or available? Blessings,

  6. I'll be sure to ask him. Jack will be attending ISU this fall and he's supposed to study... i'm sure he would love to go! thanks