Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bigger than an Ocean

So... This morning, Jerianne the Weatherlady rated today as a '10' so I quickly jumped into one of the rockers on my porch to begin enjoying it.  It's true.  There was '10-ness' everywhere:  cool breeze, clear sunshine, birds twitterpating, flowers putting out color, it's greener than green out here... all is good.  Peeling my eyes off the environment, I opened my devotional.

Today's reading was an invitation to get to know God and expand my experiences of Him.  The reading compared God to an ocean.  (I love the ocean.) When I stand at the edge of the one, I know I am only seeing a tiny tiny part of the beauty of it all.  My mind cannot fathom how vast that ocean is or what all is going on inside of it.  Every square inch is so complex... and there are so many square inches... and there are so many square inches I cannot see!  The hugeness and depth of it, the goodness and perfection of it, the strength and power of it are so far beyond me.  Trying to figure out the ocean is truly overwhelming.  Is this really what I think about God?  Do I understand how much I don't understand about God?  Actually, there is an limit to the ocean and absolutely no limit to God.  God is far more than an ocean!

This leads me to some other questions:  Do I ask enough of God?  Do I anticipate seeing Him move?  Do I draw on any of His unfathomable love and power?  Shouldn't I be relying on Him more?  Believing more?  Do I even have a clue what He's all about?  Isn't it important that I know more?  Shouldn't I be making this a priority?

Our huge, mighty, fathomless, bigger-than-an-ocean God invites us all to get to know Him and experience Him.  Rev. 3:20 says:  "Here I am!  I stand at the door and knock.  If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with Me."  That is a clear invitation to get to know Him.  It sounds like all I need to do is 'open' my heart and mind to Him and He will do all the rest.  Who wouldn't like a good meal and some good conversation with God?  It's time to open that door...  He's knocking...

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