Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ta-Da! A New Website!

So.... if you are at www.harpandsoulministries.com, you may have noticed that my website looks different.   (At least, I HOPE you can see that it looks different!)  Today is a TA-DA moment for me!

                                         This is a new website!

This has been no small project...  I have enlisted many people to help me limp through this process:            unsuspecting neighbors, a computer wiz that's related to me and my son-in-law who is now much closer to sainthood... and I have a stack of those "Dummy" books... and I've googled most every jot and tiddle along the way.

The former website was created by my sister-in-law who is very clever at learning anything new.  That website was designed to sell my newly recorded harp CD entitled "My Prayer for You."  That website was very successful and many CDs were purchased, as well as harp music.  But alas, I didn't know how to update it and had to bother her to change anything....

                                         Hence the new website!

You can still purchase harp music and CDs from this website, but the main event will be blogging...

and a list of stuff I'm playing harp for...

and information about 100 Women Who Care - Marshalltown, Iowa...

And the good news is I can change it and add to it and do most anything to it!  If you have ideas on how to improve it, shoot them my way and I'll google it!!!

So... thanks for reading this and thanks for your support!  Enjoy!


  1. This is awesome, Janet--I'm so impressed!

  2. And you, my dear, are the first to comment! I think I should give you a prize or something!!!! Thank you very much!!!

  3. I love this! Plus I could even find how to register my email for notifications. I'm hoping I get an email when a new blog entry appears! Nice slideshow--nice work!