Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Great Spill

So... It's that time of year!  When December rolls around, glorious Christmas parties pop up on the calendar.  There is one particular Christmas party that we attend every year called the Charity Ball.  We have attended 30 years out of the last 31 Christmases John and I have know each other.  It's a dressy affair... tuxedoes and bow ties are appropriate... long gowns win the prize... get out those high heels...  up-do the hair if you can.  This is the night to put forth some effort in the beautification process if at all possible.

I think this party is quite fun and a December essential, however, John is not quite so enthused.  Many of our friends go and we all sit together and the ladies comment profusely about all details of dress and environment.  A great deal of effort goes into decorating the ballroom and tables and mirrors and stairways.  Even the Lady's Loo is gussied up for this affair.  I don't think the men's interest in all the details is quite so keen...

Well, THIS year I thought John and I would coordinate our ball attire (kinda like prom!)

I had purchased (on a half of half rack!!!!) a white jacket fully flounced in a tall ruffle around the neck to put with hot pink chiffon pants (23 years old!!!!) I knew my bargain jacket would be a smashing hit next to John because....

John wore his father's 55 year old white dinner jacket with his white tux shirt and red bow tie.  This dashing white dinner jacket is beautiful!  It's in perfect condition and fits John well.  John has fond memories of his father donning it and leaving to go to the Charity Ball with his stunning mother.  And now John will wear the jacket and go with his bride!  I  tried the best I could, but John looked fabulous!

Every year I get to go to the Charity Ball with the most handsome man in the whole world!

As we entered the Ball, one of John's good buddies walked right up to him and said, "Bond....James Bond...."  And it's true.  John looked just like James Bond - right out of a movie!

Dinner began.  Salads were served.  There was lots of small talk while passing bread and drinking wine.  The main entree was brought out.  More red wine was poured...

And right in the middle of an especially enthused discussion, our table mate's hand accidentally wiped out a full glass of wine... you guessed it.... all over our white jackets.

Most of the wine landed on John... in his eyes, in his ears, on the 55 year old white jacket and white shirt.  This wine spill had so much loft it was on the back of his jacket... everywhere!

John was a really good sport.  He kept smiling but felt more like "Dork... real Dork" rather than "Bond... James Bond."   We smiled and made the most of it.  We even danced spill drops to spill drops....

It was an accident and not worth getting upset about.  Stuff happens...

We Christians have all been in on a Great Spill.

This Great Spill is pivotal to our present faith and our long-term future.  We trust that the spilling of Christ's blood on the cross is what pays for our sin and shame.  In fact, this spilt blood pays the price for us to be with Jesus forever and ever.

I absolutely trust that Jesus has covered my sin with His blood spill.  My sin has been removed and I am free of it.  I believe this.  I rely on this every day and I will forever thank Jesus for doing this for me.  Jesus is my Savior.

There are so many religions around the world, but none is like Christianity.  The gurus that started the other religions have not paid the price for sin.  They died and stayed dead!  Their followers keep working and working to be good and if they are good enough, they will go to some kind of heavenly place.  How will anyone know if they are good enough?  How much good is enough?

Jesus, the Son of God, sacrificed Himself on a cross to pay the price for sin.  He spilled out His blood and died, was buried and then came back to life.  He was seen.  He ate with people and talked with people.  His followers saw Him go up into heaven alive and glorious.  Jesus will come back to earth again for all who believe in Him.

He paid the price for my sin and yours.  This is good news.  And there is more good news for those Who believe in Him; so many other benefits!

Find Jesus.  Thank Him for the Great Spill.   He truly is the Savior.

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