Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Like a Hot Air Balloon...

So...  You know how you can read something and it really seems simple but profound?  Your mind goes "a-ha!" and it feels like you're not quite so dense?  I had one of those moments...

I was reading early one morning from the book "Jesus Today" by Sarah Young (her books are tremendously popular... get one!)  and came across this description of hope:

          In some ways, hope is like a hot-air balloon.  It is very buoyant, so it can lift you up above your troubles.  It enables you to soar in the heavens with Me (Jesus) - helping you see things from a heightened, big-picture perspective.

What a vivid mental picture!

We Christians ought to be bursting at the seams with hope, our attitudes up-lifted and soaring in the heavens because...

The Bible is chock-full of hope-filled promises seen and unseen... some for now and some for later.  All these promises are from a heavenly Father Who has told us in His Word that it is impossible for Him to lie.

But here's the kicker:  (and I quote)

          To embark on this heavenly journey, you must climb into the basket beneath the balloon - by trusting fully that your hope in Me (Jesus) will not let you down.

For hope to power-up your thoughts, you must trust.  

Just as you can't go for a hot air balloon ride without climbing in the basket, it's trust that allows hope. 

Trust Jesus.  He's a 'basket' into which you can climb... 

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