Monday, May 27, 2013


So... About a month ago, John and I hauled a trailer full of furniture and stuff out to our son-in-law and daughter in Denver. Looking a bit like the Beverly Hillbillies, we limped into Denver sans tail lights on the trailer... but who's talking about that...  We made it to their lovely home - that's what counts!

As all good parents do, John and I thought we would help them out a bit by doing odd jobs and yard work for one day.  How much trouble could we get into in just one lousy day? We dashed to the store for garden plants (and a few more things) and leaped into action.

I decided I would tackle the narrow garden by the fence in the front yard.  The kids had dug out a row of crispy arborvitae and thought flowering vines growing on the fence would add that all important curb appeal. Well, I know a thing or two about planting vines so I dug in.

This planting spot was not like any I've ever planted. It bordered a public sidewalk which bordered a four-lane major parkway, namely, 6th Avenue Parkway. Not only was this a public sidewalk and a parkway, but also a bus stop.

So... I was planting in a VERY public place with lots of cars whizzing by and people standing waiting for the bus.

A city bus would pull up within a foot of my foot as I spaded holes and fertilized and planted vines and was on my hands and knees in the dirt all afternoon - in the hot sun. Actually, it was fun and I chatted with a lot of different people. I told everyone they should get to know the dear people who lived in this cute house!

It wasn't until the next day that I realized I was sunburned, that is, sunburned in a most peculiar spot. Evidently, my top didn't quite reach to the waist of my jeans... the jeans that are quite loose and fall down a bit... O yea... It's true... Judging by what was sunburned, I'm quite sure I exposed my butt crack to the city of Denver on that lovely sunny day.

(Sorry.... no pictures...)

And I suppose that person on the bus who took a picture wasn't actually admiring the lovely vines I was planting. I have the strangest feeling my BC is posted on someone's blog somewhere....  and it probably has some cute little comments about beached whales found in our fair city...

Not a good thing...

I was exposed and didn't even know it. I was busy doing my thing and chatting away and had no idea that people were seeing more of me than I really wanted them to see - right there at the bus stop.

I'm reminded that my heavenly Father sees all and knows all. There is no hiding from Him. Everything about me is totally exposed to Him. My heart is exposed, along with my attitudes and feelings and pride and shame.

This is a good thing...

My heavenly Father looks at the areas of my life that I try to hide and willingly applies grace, mercy, and healing. He forgives and loves. He binds up wounds. He teaches me how to be more like Him. He's always in the business of improving and strengthening my life through grace and love.

So here I stand, totally exposed to my heavenly Father and join the psalmist:

"Search me, O God, and know my heart;
           test me and know my anxious thoughts.
                     See if there is any offensive way in me,
                               and lead me in the way everlasting."
                                                                                  Psalm 139:23-24


  1. This "cracked" me up, Janet. I've taken to wearing suspenders at our gigs for this very reason. I tell folks I'm not a plumber so I needed to stop playing one when we performed.