Saturday, December 21, 2013

Too Many Tasks To Get Done

So… I know that Christmas is supposed to be the merriest time of year.  Right?  And we all know that it's the busiest.  Right?  But when the 'busy' outweighs the 'merry,' getting ready for Christmas loses some of its cheer and even the most jolliest amongst us can become a bit cranky.  Am I talking to anyone out there??

Early this morning, I just happened to read this entry in the book Dialogues With God by Francis J. Roberts.  I plan to read it the next few days to get my head on straight each morning.  It will help me so I decided to share it.  This first part of this writing is a prayer to God, the second is His answer.  Enjoy!

"My Father, I am not capable of doing all those things that are demanded of me in the course of a day.  For every task completed, numerous other needful duties are left undone.  This is not a complaint that life is over burdensome but rather a cry to You for understanding and for wisdom to improve the situation:  how to reach the end of the day with a feeling of some degree of satisfaction in a job well done.  It is not restful to sleep on loose ends - to be forever uncomfortably aware of the multitudinous tasks still waiting.

For as time passes, so much of what I have failed to accomplish can no longer be done at all.  Surely there must be enough time and enough strength provided to do the vitally essential things.  Dear Father, I not only fail to accomplish the task but lose my sensitivity to Your guidance, and in doing this, I soon have also lost the joy I would have had if I had pleased You."

"O My child, do not bring to Me the unfinished tasks.  There will always be work to do.  This also can be a snare of the enemy; for he would deceive you into feeling that all work is worthy in itself - that simply to be occupied is good.  This is not true.  To sit still, yes, even to have recreation, is sometimes just as important and ofttimes more so.  

Give Me a heart that has learned how to become quiet and to rest.  Anybody can work.  Few people know how to be quiet.  Being quiet is not being lazy.  Most lazy people are never truly quiet.  

You must be able to collect yourself - to take time and absorb the Spirit of God.  For to be freshly filled with the Spirit will bring the guidance and direction and wisdom and the will to do His bidding.  The purpose of spending time with God is more than simply enjoying His presence:  it is to fit you for the labors next at hand.

So come to Me, as I have so often invited you to do - heart open, hands uplifted and empty.  Don't bring Me your work.  Bring Me yourself.  It is you that I love, not your enterprises.  The more you draw near to Me in singleness of heart, the clearer will be your guidance on life's pathway and the less danger there will be of your substituting human activities for Spirit-directed ministries.

Keep your heart tender, lest your work become destructive."

I did a quick search to find out more about Francis J Roberts.  She passed away in 2009, but her writings live on.  I plan to read everything she has written…. just as soon as Christmas is over….

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