Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Up on a Pedestal...

So.... There it is... Isn't it beautiful!  My beloved espresso machine.

Who would have ever thought that this beautiful machine would have a melt-down and cause me to have a melt-down...

My husband gave this machine to me as a Christmas present several years ago.  He is the espresso meister in our home as he is the most skilled at making the lattes, cappuccinos, and straight shots.  In order to make the ultimate latte, he even watched a video on how to produce beautiful latte art and yes, he would leave me little love messages in the foam.  And yes...  he made... for me...  each and every day.... a cup of beauty that he hand-delivered (sometimes to me in bed!).  I do believe this makes me the most spoiled wife in the history of the world.  In fact, I  know I'm the most spoiled wife in the history of the world and I thoroughly enjoy it.

However... one day, as John flipped the switch to start the 'morning-spoilage-of-the-wife', a spark flew and the machine gasped its last.

That's when I knew just how important my blue machine and hand-delivered espresso were to me.

Too important.

I knew I had put this ritual on a pedestal and idolized it.  Could I live without it?  Not sure...   This little blue god produced something I thought I had to have every morning.  I trusted it. Did I worship it?  Was this cup of joe my morning 'savior' and therefore a bit of idolatry?  I know I'm fond of things around me but perhaps this fondness had gone overboard.

What else am I too attached to?  What else do I have perched on a pedestal?  Has my heart grown too fond of things?


Scripture comes down very hard on idol worship  It's very clear what God means when He says, "Thou shall have no other gods before me."   I know I cannot rustle up a golden calf in my closet, but things around me compete for my heart and attention and pull my focus and worship off the one true God.  Are these things idols in my life?  I don't want to choose earthly things over You, Lord.  Guide me as I launch an inventory...

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