Friday, June 8, 2012

Amid Much Hysterical Laughter...

This is Jan with our teacher, Saint Keith!

So.... Do you ever think, " I really should do that" and then don't?  Inspired by harpist Deborah Henson-Conant who is constantly mastering something new on the computer, creating a new sound on her wild electric harp or connecting with someone she finds interesting, I resolved to dust off the old used accordion which has been sitting in the back of the closet for the past 32 years and learn how to really play it.  (On a  whim, my dad bought it for me about 40 years ago and my accomplishments are few.) And that's exactly what I did... I dusted off my beautiful black and silver accordion and then... abandoned it under the piano.

3 months later, 2 good buddies up at church were discussing accordions.  Ruth had her mother's accordion and Jan said she has always (really?) wanted to learn how to play one... The inevitable happened and Jan became acquainted with Ruth's mother's accordion in one quick drop-off.  It took me about 6 minutes to show Jan everything I knew and amid much hysterical laughter, we decided we needed lessons.

Mr. Accordion (Keith) works just up the street from my home and actually agreed to take us on as students.   Saint Keith really is a wonderfully patient instructor who works at the Salvation Army... and that's exactly what our accordion playing needs - salvation!  We are learning how to push the buttons and our left arm muscles now bulge from bellowing.  Once in a while, we even play a song that is recognizable... all of this amid much hysterical laughter...

A joke:  Saint Keith told us to never never leave our car unlocked when we have our accordion in it... Absolutely do not leave the car unlocked with the accordion in plain view.... because when you get back... there will be 2!!!!!

He also told us of a gig he played at a local nursing home.... He played 1 song and one of the residents loudly shouted, "OK, that's good.... you can go home now!"  Keep in mind, he is truly skilled on the accordion.  He can whip out a polka at top speed and grin at the same time!

I cannot...

But I'm trying....

It's given me something new to try... something new to fill my time... a new goal...  The timing is right, the lessons are working and the dust is flying off this old black and silver accordion...  I also get a good dose of 'laughter therapy' each week at lesson time.  I can't help but wonder what will happen with this new venture.  Will this be a new chapter in ministry for Jan and me?  Yikes...  What happens when someone enters a room strapped to an accordion and threatens to harass all the eardrums present?

John 10:10 says "I (Jesus) came that they (we) may have life, and have it to the full." (NIV)  This venture with mastering the accordion has given me something new to work on... My time is full and rich and loud, very loud.  My left arm is stronger and hopefully my mind is, too.  And I think, and Jan would agree, that amid much hysterical laughter, life is getting fuller and richer and merrier; John 10:10 is happening!


  1. I had heard that Jan was doing this but now you too? You go girls! ♪ ♫

  2. Back in fhe day there were two local brothers.....John and Jerry Nelson.....who played accordion...and sang. So did my neighbor friend Joan Wickersham. The "big" song to play then was "lady of Spain". So, mia on!!

  3. Let me know if you want three!