Sunday, January 6, 2013

Blurred Vision...

So...  You guessed it.  These nerdy looking glasses are 3D glasses.  And why am I showing a picture of them, you ask?

Well, my dear husband and I went to the movie Life of Pi in 3D and thoroughly enjoyed it, I might add.    As you all know, you receive 3D glasses (such as these pictured) when you buy a ticket to a 3D movie.

For some reason, which I do not understand in the least, without these glasses, 3D movies are blurry and weird.  Words are impossible to read.  Details are not understandable.

So during the previews, all watchers rip open the the plastic bag and perch these jaunty black-rimmed spectacles on their noses to watch the screen which then magically becomes 3D and beautifully clear.

When the movie is done, you take these said glasses and put them in the receptacle marked 'glasses' as you leave.

I DID put glasses in the receptacle as I left - my sunglasses, that is.

And of course, by the time I discovered MY glasses had been hastily thrown in, the container had been shipped to the great recycler in the sky.

So now I have the wrong glasses.  As I look at my surroundings with the 3D glasses, all is blurry, details are not understandable, things look weird.

Last night I read a book by Mary C Neal, MD, entitled,  "To Heaven and Back."  It detailed Mary's drowning in a kayak, her experience in heaven and her return back into her earthly body.  In her book, she described her surroundings in heaven and explained how she was able to communicate with angels. Her descriptions are full of beauty and joy and peace and love beyond my imagination.

She continued to communicate with an angel (who might have been Jesus) after her return to her body.  She was given explanations to questions and was told she had more to accomplish.  She viewed her accident as an incredible gift and was able to understand how Jesus was there the entire time.  He made a way with miracles and angels and saturated her thoughts with peace.  She had no fear.

I'll just say right out I LOVE books that describe experiences with Jesus and heaven.

They blow my mind.

They expand my vision because most of the time, I use the wrong glasses.  I look at situations through glasses out of focus.  Sometimes I wear glasses of fear.  I don't see what God is doing.  I shrug off incidences as coincidences when there's been heavenly intervention.... something miraculous...

This book challenges me 'see' differently...

             not with my daily regular eyesight,

                       not with 3-dimensional eyesight,

                                 but with "God-dimensional" eyesight.

I need to see situations through glasses of faith!

It's a new year, and Father, help me to see what you are doing in my life and in the lives of others.  I want to see how You operate... I want to experience You because I know You handle everything with love...  I want to see Your ways of peace and joy and faithfulness...


  1. I just read that book too and it is fascinating to read of such heavenly encounters. Nice tie-in with your 3D mishap. ;)

    1. Don't you think heaven will be so much more than we can imagine? That meeting Jesus will be such a great experience! Gives so much hope...