Saturday, March 23, 2013

Dessert. Need I Say More?

So... Dessert is a wonderful thing. I'm a baker and I enjoy baking desserts. I love sugar and it abounds in dessert. Dessert finishes off the meal and gives a sense of completeness. It is often colorful and I am drawn to the fruity and sauced and sweet and chocolaty.  Every day.

People who do not like desserts must be saints or from another planet. People who do not like dessert have never tried them!

Lately, I've had to examine my love of dessert. My dear husband and I have tickets to a Broadway Series in Des Moines, along with 10 good friends. Before the show, we like to try different restaurants; it's part of the whole experience.

The meal can be going along very nicely, until the end when the waiter asks about ordering dessert. Silence. No one, including me, wants to say what they really want, which would be private desserts. Usually what happens is, some one will say they are too full, but they could eat one bite of _________. That's when the problem starts...

We all know that most dessert menus have one shining star, that one item that is more delectable than the others. The other items on the menu are side kicks; they are there for the purpose of supporting the star. They might be good, but really, they just fill a spot on the menu because 'menu' means more than one choice.

Is there anything better than creme brûlée?  I mean... why look any further on the menu if creme brûlée is listed!

So finally, after the waiter has been standing there waiting with pen in hand for our decision, someone will say, "Let's order one of each of the desserts and pass them around so we can taste all of them."

Oh rats...

Each dessert is partitioned off into 12 crumb-sized pieces and passed around.

It's always so disappointing.

I could have had my own personally selected, full-sized dessert if I would have not cared what others thought (who wants to be the pig at the table?) I could have enjoyed the picture-perfect view of the plate that the chef created and each drop of sauce could have been mine. I could have taken a picture of it and posted its deliciousness on fb.

I could have picked up the plate and licked it; no one would have cared.

Of course, the reality is, I get to have dessert. I live in such freedom and financial security that dessert is an option for me and it is not the case for so many people around the world.  The reality is that dessert is not important and not even good for me and I should just get over it!

Sharing is my downfall.

There is one thing that I don't ever have to share - Jesus!

This is really good news.

We don't order one serving of Him and partition Him off in order for all to experience Him.  He comes to each of us individually personalized to suite our needs. We get to be fully satisfied with Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. In fact, I believe I will never come to a point at which I'm done learning and loving and adoring and experiencing and believing in the Three in One, the mighty Jehovah, the great I AM, my Savior, and my Lord. It is not possible to over-indulge in the glory of God, nor will I ever get bored of hearing about and experiencing His love and grace. God's beauty will always bring wonder and awe and worship and praise.  Every day.

And I believe God woos us to 'order up' more of Him.

I have so many choices on the menu of my day. How will I choose to use these minutes, or these thoughts, or these skills, or these resources? I know I need a large serving of the Word and prayer. I know I need to hear from my heavenly Father. The more I dig in, the more I will be satisfied:

"My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods; with singing lips my mouth will praise you." Psalm 63:8

Dig in. Enjoy Him. Pure satisfaction. No sharing.

"Taste and see that the Lord is good."  Psalm 34:8.

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