Sunday, March 10, 2013

Well Done... Well Done...

So...  Every December, I plant amaryllis bulbs because I believe in the miraculous.

These unceremonious lumps of earth-colored bulbs produce some of the most gorgeous amaryllis blooms on the face of this planet.

Early December, when the stores start getting bulbs in, I stockpile most of the bulbs in town and start planting and watering.  I have some pots that I reserve for this purpose and the time to do this is simply factored in between Christmas candy-making, rehearsals and harp gigs...

At first, it looks like the bulbs aren't doing much, but I know their roots are swelling and coming to life and then... sure enough, the bulbs produce....  and produce... and produce...  The stems can grow almost 4 feet tall and the blossoms come in multiples and measure 6 - 8 inches across.

These bulbs really know how to pour on the steam!

And every year, I say the same thing:  "I am again witnessing the miraculous.  How is all that plant power stuffed into that brown lumpy dead-looking bulb?  Where does it come from?

Well done... Well done..."

The bulbs give their all.  I don't think they could possibly give any more color, any more velvetiness, any more height, any more blooms.  They intensely produce blossom after blossom and bless my socks off.

Oh, what a good reminder....

Oh, I hope hope hope...

That Jesus says as I (or you) am ushered into heaven, "I have witnessed the miraculous!

How could (insert my name or your name) have gotten all that done for Me!

He/She gave her all for Me...

He/She really poured on the steam...

He/She produced blessing after blessing...  He/She gave and gave and blessed my socks off!

See that love he/she produced and poured out!  It reaches to the heavens!

See that faith... It was on display for all to see!

Well done... Well done..."

Isaiah 58:11b:
               You (are) my well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.

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