Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Challenge: The Game With Minutes

So… The pastors at my church purchased prayer books for the staff (me) to read and pray through during Lent.  I thought this was a bit bold but also thought the book must be pretty meaty if they were going to insist we all read it.  The title is "Draw the Circle:  The 40 Day Prayer Challenge" by Mark Batterson.

I'm here to tell you it's fantastic and I'd suggest this book for anyone interested in prayer.


I don't think I agree with everything Batterson says, but it's definitely worth wading through and reading.  It is EXTREMELY challenging.  I actually look forward to reading each morning and am tempted to read ahead.

On Day 26, Batterson introduces a Missionary named Frank Laubach.  In 1950, Laubach wrote a pamphlet that revealed his 'technique' for  experiencing God's Presence in daily life, minute by minute.  His technique is a way to train your thinking to think of Jesus all day long.

Attempting to experience God's Presence all day long had a profound effect on Laubach and on anyone that tried it.    Here are some journal entries that will stir your soul!

Frank Laubach
I'm really curious and I'd like to try this.  Some parts will be easy to incorporate, some not so.

I've put a link to the pamphlet Laubach wrote.  It's called "The Game With Minutes."

(Thanks, Mark Batterson, for putting this in your prayer book!)

Enjoy!  Be blessed and challenged!

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