Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rescued by The Almighty

So…  A week ago, I was at the National Worship Leaders' Conference in Kansas City.  It was a very inspirational conference and is unlike other conferences, hence it is difficult to explain.  People's eyes glass over when I try to share about all the time spent in worship, how many seminars I heard on the topic of worship and how many conversations I had with other worship leaders about worship.  Just know, it was an extraordinary time, exhilarating, in fact.

However, the first step to attending the conference was to drive there.  I don't mind driving, in fact, I enjoy listening to podcasts and music cranked fairly loudly.  This I did and after grooving and driving for about 4 hours, I stopped for a bit and noticed a warning light on the dashboard… but it went away…. so on I drove.

One more hour completed my drive and I landed at the condo where I was staying.  Now the warning light was on a lot and it was red (two strikes.)  So I dug out the owner's manual and its advise for this warning light was, "Stop the car immediately.  Do not drive.  Call the dealership."

The oil pressure was low.  What did that mean?  Had I destroyed the engine?  It was making an ugly churning sound that made me think the engine was not happy.

I called a very perky fellow at the dealership and asked if 1, I could possibly find some oil, and then 2, possibly find where to put it, could I then 3, possibly drive the car to the his dealership ?  His answer was, "Absolutely not."

So I called AAA (who was surprisingly upbeat) and requested a tow truck.  No problem!

The tow truck came to my rescue in record time (bravo, AAA!) and soon my cutiepie midget Cooper was on this huge flatbed from the Almighty Tow Truck Company.  That is what it said on the side of the tow truck:  The Almighty!  What a name!  The Almighty came to my rescue!

Isn't it so true!  The Almighty delivers all of us who call for help.  Just as I was not able to fix my car, I'm not able to fix my life's problem of sin.  I need an Almighty Savior, an Almighty Deliverer, an Almighty Jesus to scoop me up, ransom me from my sin, deposit His Holy Spirit within me and then guide me forever, calling me His own.

My response?  Bravo, God!  I'll praise and worship You; I'll live for You, by You, thru You, and with You forever!  I do mean FOREVER!  That's what happens when you accept what the Almighty Jesus has done.  I am delivered forever!  You can be, too!

The driver of the Almighty Tow Truck was adequately friendly and was rewarded with three of my freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and a bit of $ for a beer when he got off work.  I climbed up the ladder on the side of the truck and got into the cab and bounced along as he drove to the church, the tow truck making those incredible snorting sounds only those great big trucks can do.  Quite a few heads turned as he dropped me off at the church where the conference was starting.  In pomp and with a snort, I was safely delivered to the church by the Almighty.

Have you called upon the Almighty to deliver you?

What is your situation?

Are you trying to de-sin your life on your own?  You need a Deliverer.

Are you in trouble and see no way out?  You need a Deliverer.

Are you tempted beyond your control?  You need a Deliverer.

Are you sick, tired, frustrated, unfocused, confused, despairing…?  You need a Deliverer.

No situation or circumstance is too large or too small for the Almighty Deliverer Jesus.  There is no sin He can't handle,  no problem too large, no despair He can't cover with hope.

Jesus is always listening for your call.  He will come to your rescue.

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